It's me, Zara!

I have always been attracted to the magic of storytelling and experience. This led me to hospitality and filmmaking. Throughout this journey, there had always been something missing, until I discovered User Experience Design. UX Design has become the glue that holds together my passions. I continue to follow the passions through life and UX Design has found a way into my heart and has become the best way for me to share my skills with the world.

I completed a User Experience Design Diploma with BrainStation in Vancouver and was lucky enough to be nominated to join their education team as a Teaching Assistant. Through my experience with BrainStation, both as a student and a TA, I have learnt a great deal about the process and concepts of UX Design. In addition to this formal education, I've greatly enjoyed practice and self-learning in my spare time. I am truly a life-long learner and am always keen to hone and expand my skills.


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